The Original MamaJuana, a mythical and mysterious liquor native to the Dominican Republic. MamaJuana is rumored to quickly reenergize and revitalize both men and woman. The Original MamaJuana is derived from a secret formula that was created centuries ago. It will tantalize your taste buds and titillate your senses. The Original MamaJuana can be enjoyed in many ways. It can be consumed chilled and neat or on the rocks. It can be enjoyed in your favorite cocktail, such as a mojito or martini. MamaJuana is 100% mixable and can enhance the flavors in just about any drink. Indulge yourself with this true Caribbean flavor, The Original MamaJuana.

MamaJuana was originally created by the Taino Indians, which inhabited the Caribbean in the times prior to Christopher Columbus. The Taino Indians consumed it as a tea, a blend of exotic wild grown tree stems, barks, leaves and roots native to the Dominican Republic. The Tainos considered it a vitality drink and as their answer to well being. As time passed, alcohol was infused to the mixture to make MamaJuana as it is known today. The name “MamaJuana” is thought to be derived from a combination of two sources. The first source is from the English word “demijohn”, which refers to the bottle where MamaJuana is made. The second source is the French phrase “Dame Jeanne” (lady Jane), a term also used to refer to the bottle. “Dame Jeanne” was later translated to Spanish to “Dama Juana” (Lady Jane), which was later transformed to MamaJuana (Mother Jane).

In modern day, MamaJuana is typically sold as a homemade product. When you first see a bottle, you may be somewhat surprised as it looks like a bottle full of sticks and leaves. The ingredients are sold in the bottle dry, ready to be mixed with either rum or a wine. The curing and maceration has to be done at home, with very mixed and inconsistent results. However, after years of research and development, “The Original MamaJuana” comes bottled and ready to drink. The complete process is undergone in a distillery, using the original recipe and high quality ingredients, resulting in a perfect MamaJuana.

“The Future of the Spirit Industry, the Product with…No Limits!”